Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check this page frequently: it will be updated as questions of general interest are received.


Q. "How can I remove the folds on my flag without damaging the surface?"

A. Actually, if you leave your flag on a flagpole long enough, the creases will eventually fade over time. Nevertheless, we invite you to consult our blog for a detailed description of the method of ironing with a damp cloth.

Q. "Where can I get a pillow that matches the size of the pillowcase I bought on your site?"

A. Our pillowcases have dimensions of 18" x 18" (46cm x 46cm) but it is preferable to insert a 20" x 20" (51cm x 51cm) cushion. We don't sell cushions, but we use for our pictures coussins de modèle "INNER" IKEA cusions. They are affordable and fit perfectly.

Q. "Why is it that products may be randomly unavailable for a few days?"

Being in our early stages, we have chosen to produce our projects in limited quantities so that, when we run out of stock for a given product, we have the flexibility to restock it as needed.

We cannot assume that such and such a product will generate sales in the hundreds: we prefer to remain realistic, even if we are sometimes "taken by surprise".

Since the opening of our online boutique, some items in our collection have been literally taken by storm by our customers. Being in control of our own production, we have the latitude to replenish our stock if necessary, on request, even if we have to make a product unavailable for a very short period of time. In fact, we either produce directly, or we carry out certain projects in partnership with third parties that we make sure are not in China, India or Pakistan, as is the case for most other businesses.

In doing so, we only encourage partners we trust, and we never have to wait very long between re-stocking.

Depending on the level of demand for specific products, we will maintain larger inventories over time.


Q. "Can we save on shipping costs?"

Q. Shipping charges are determined by CANADA POST, based on the total weight of your order. Unfortunately, the amounts are subject to a tiered pricing system for packages whose weight is between such and such total: you are therefore unfortunately paying for a package that does not necessarily reach the maximum weight for a package in this category. (Ex: your package has a weight of 0.150 kg and costs you $12 in shipping costs, but the price you pay could actually cover a shipment of - for example - 0.850 kg).

You will understand that we have no control over these caprices of the Canada Post service. However, there is a way to absorb such costs:

You can indeed proceed to the purchase of several products during the same order. This way your combined products will cost you less since the total weight of all purchases can easily correspond to the same scale as the one you would pay for a single item.

Q. "Can I pick up my order in person to save shipping costs?"

A. Although we have many face-to-face sales projects - fairs, festivals, gatherings - we do not have a physical storefront. There is no reason to rule out such a possibility, but it is premature to raise the idea at this stage of our development.

We have working schedules - outside Ludovidec - that make it difficult, if not impossible, to meet "face-to-face" in order to follow up on this or that transaction: the fact is that it is humanly difficult to start accommodating such requests.

Therefore, we cannot proceed with it at this time.